Sunday, December 04, 2005

Corelli's Poetry

Check out this website: for a few of Marie Corelli's poems. I thought I would post the first three stanzas of "Time of Sorrow", since it has some silimarities with the novel we have studied. I came across other poetry of hers, and I'll post some if I find them again.

Time Of Sorrow
Marie Corelli

We live in a time of sorrow,
A time of doubt and storm,
When the thunder-clouds hang heavy,
And the air is thick and warm;

When the far-off lightnings gather
On the verge of the darkening sky,
And the birds of the air, fear-stricken,
To nest and cover fly:
Look up! ye drowsy people,
There's desolation nigh!

* * * * *
Look up! ye drowsy people,
And shield yourselves in time,
From the wrath and retribution
That track the heels of crime;

That lie in wait for the folly
Of the lordly and the strong;
That spare not nigh nor lowly
From vengeance threatened long,

But strike at the heart of nations,
And kings who govern wrong.

* * * * *
Kneel down in the dust and sackcloth,
And own, with contrite tears,
Your arrogant self-worship,
And wrongs of many years;

Your luxuries hard-hearted;
Your pride so barren-cold,
Remote from the warmth of pity
For men of the self-same mould,

As good as yourselves, or better,
In all but the shining gold.


At 10:16 PM, Blogger Will said...

You can definitely find a similar trace running through Sorrows of Satan as well as her poem. Very cool discovery. I never thought to check out her poetry.


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